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Our Super Slimmer of 2018

We’re incredibly proud of our vet nurse Nicki for her amazing work with Aji. Aji the Yorkshire Terrier came to see Nicki because his owners were concerned about his health. With dedicated owners and under Nicki’s guidance, Aji won the inaugral Canine Slimmer of the Year 2018 award from Hill’s pet food! Amazing! Here’s what… Read more »

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Talk invite – fireworks and senior pets


We’re inviting you to a couple of talks. Please call the Teddington clinic (020 8977 3955) or Surbiton clinic (020 8390 5270) to confirm your free space. Book quickly as spaces are limited. Anxious Pets – Wed 24 Oct, Teddington A talk on pets and anxiety with a focus on fireworks at The Anglers in… Read more »

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RHD-2 outbreak in Teddington


Unfortunately there has been an outbreak of RHD2 in Teddington recently leading to the death of a number of pet rabbits. RHD2 stands for “Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease” and the 2 is because this is a second version of the disease. The first version (RHD1) is included in standard vaccination alongside myxomatosis. RHD2 is spread by… Read more »

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Summer 2018 newsletter

Summer ailments Did you know that changing weather patterns (the warm, wet winters that the UK has been experiencing) mean an increase in ticks? Ticks are blood sucking parasites related to spiders. Ticks can cause localised irritation to pets and, if they are scratched off and the mouthparts left behind, small abscesses can result. Ticks… Read more »

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Big Bear Award – Branston

Branston’s story Branston is a cocker spaniel who presented to vet Jodie one morning as he was struggling to urinate.  On examination he had a massive bladder and it was clear that something had blocked his urethra and it was preventing him from urinating. Branston was rushed in for x-rays and ultrasound which revealed he… Read more »

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Spring 2018 newsletter

‘Orphan season’ is usually from March until August each year. This is when there are a high number of wildlife young born such as baby hedgehogs, fox cubs, badger cubs, fawn and lots of baby birds. Each animal has a variety of ways they help their babies grow up and leave their home, venturing into the… Read more »

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New flea, tick, mite treatment for dogs

We’re pleased to offer Simparica for dogs that are on the Vet4Life Family plan. Simparica is an monthly oral tablet for treating (or preventing) fleas, ticks and mites. The key strengths include: A much faster speed of kill for fleas and ticks A wider spectrum of activity (specifically the second commonest tick, Ixodes Hexagonus, which… Read more »

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Big Bear Award – Reggie

Reggie’s story Reggie is an 11 year old Westie who has been with us at Vet4Life for just over a year; he came to see us in October last year as he had been coughing for a while and it had been getting worse. Several tests were done in the clinic to work out what… Read more »

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