Big Bear Award – Bella

Bella’s story

One very happy success story!

Gorgeous little kitten Bella was signed over to Vet4life with a serious injury.

Bella had obviously suffered a high impact trauma and her femur (the long bone at the top of her back leg) was smashed into several pieces. There were two options, either amputate the leg, or try to salvage it with surgery.

Our orthopaedic surgeon Vanessa, vet surgeon Lily and our team of nurses wanted to do everything they could for Bella and spent hours in theatre operating to save the leg. The pieces of bone had to be pieced back together one by one and secured in place with multiple different implants. First a metal rod was placed down the middle of the bone to maintain the bones length. Then, the fragments were tied together with metal cerclage wire. Finally, a long titanium plate was secured to the top and bottom fragments of the femur.

Our lead CCA Heather took her home and cared for her alongside her own cat Henry, who you can see was very protective of her.

Bella has a long road ahead of her and has to be rested for 12 weeks to give her leg the best possible chance of healing. We will repeat her X-rays in 6 weeks in the hope that the bone is healing and we can get her running around again in the future!

In the meantime Bella has found a forever home in the countryside with Heather’s parents and her new Best Friend Forever Beau the collie dog.

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Veterinary Surgeon at Vet4life
Ian Stroud is a highly experienced small animal veterinary surgeon with over 15 years working in practice. He has particular interests in several areas including minimally-invasive surgery, orthopaedics and oncology (cancer treatment). He currently practices in Teddington, Shepperton and Surbiton where he is the director of Vet4life.

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