Bitch Spay

puppiesWe strongly advise that all female dogs are neutered unless you wish to breed from them later. Not only does neutering prevent unwanted pregnancies, but it also reduces the risk of potentially fatal infections of the uterus and cancer of the mammary glands.

Our philosophy at Vet4life is to invest in the best equipment and training to ensure that the care we provide is always second to none. We are proud to be one of only a small number of practices carrying out spays using keyhole surgery. This fantastic procedure has a number of significant benefits:

  • Less pain for the animal
  • Faster recovery
  • Minimal scarring due to the very small incision required (less than 1cm in length!)

A female spay involves removing the ovaries under a general anaesthetic, and your pet will normally be able to come home the same day. Studies suggest that spaying bitches before their first season can significantly reduce the incidence of mammary tumours and therefore we usually recommend spaying early, from the age of five months.

Spaying and aftercare

Any animal that is neutered is likely to have a change in its metabolic rate. Whereas prior to neutering all food consumed in excess of requirements would have been burned off as heat or run off at the park, neutered animals are more likely to put on weight.  Royal Canin produce a  Neutered Dog range of diets what in many cases would be a perfect choice following surgery to help prevent excessive weight gain.

If you have any questions about neutering or keyhole surgery, please do speak with any of the Vet4life team – we’ll be only too happy to give personalised advice for you and your pet.