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Hyperthyroidism in cats


Hyperthyroidism is a very common disease in older cats. It is caused by an over production of thyroid hormones, this causes the cat to burn through calories and normally suffer from weight loss. This over production often results from a benign change, however in a small number of cases this may be related to a… Read more »

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Why do we give cats and dogs vaccinations?

Vaccinating our pet dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets is an important tool in protecting them against serious infectious diseases. Vaccines form part of our preventative healthcare programme alongside flea treatment, parasite treatment and neutering. Vaccines can be given as injection into the skin or in some cases drops into the nose. Vaccines are safe formulations… Read more »

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Big Bear Award – Rocco

Rocco’s story Recently Rocco came in for a day procedure. He had been having trouble with his eyes. As cats get a little older, they can lose some elasticity in their eyelids, resulting in an entropion. Entropion is when the eyelids start to roll inwards resulting in the eyelashes scratching the cornea (the surface of… Read more »

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How to treat fleas


Many animals will carry fleas without showing significant discomfort. However control is recommended as fleas may carry tapeworm larvae, fleas can transmit blood borne diseases, fleas can contribute to anaemia, some pets can develop allergies to fleas, and fleas can bite people as well. Fleas are small, flat insects that live on the pet and… Read more »

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Pets travelling abroad (as of 1st March 2019)

With Brexit on the horizon some changes may be coming to how we take our pet cats and dogs abroad. Under the pet travel scheme for travel to and from the European Union pets needed a working microchip, a current rabies vaccination, a pet passport and a tapeworming treatment administered 24 – 120 hours prior… Read more »

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Big Bear Award – Liption

Liption’s story Liption is a handsome grey domestic short hair, fluent in both English, Spanish and catitude. He befriends giant dogs (his best friend is Rolo the Labrador) and flirts with the staff at vet4life. He had a dice with death in his younger days leaving himself with a tail pull injury. This meant that… Read more »

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Pet travel after Brexit

Pet owners will still be able to travel to Europe with their pet after the UK leaves the EU, whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. However, in the event of no deal, they may need to take some additional steps to be able to travel with their pet to the EU.

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