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RHD-2 outbreak in Teddington


Unfortunately there has been an outbreak of RHD2 in Teddington recently leading to the death of a number of pet rabbits. RHD2 stands for “Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease” and the 2 is because this is a second version of the disease. The first version (RHD1) is included in standard vaccination alongside myxomatosis. RHD2 is spread by… Read more »

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Big Bear Award – Jake Allen

Jake’s Story This month our Big Bear award goes to Jake. Jake is a 6 and a half year old dwarf lop rabbit. This is picture of him relaxing at home. Poor Jake has a history of bad dentition (teeth) which can be a common problem in rabbits. We initially saw Jake for a second opinion… Read more »

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RVHD-2 – the new strain of fatal rabbit disease

Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease (RVHD) and Myxomatosis (Myxo) are common diseases found throughout the UK and can be fatal to non-vaccinated rabbits. Both outdoor and indoor rabbits are at risk. RVHD in particular is highly contagious. Not only can it be spread by direct rabbit to rabbit contact, it also can be spread by biting insects (as can… Read more »

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Rabbit disease Myxomatosis in Bushy Park

Myxomatosis is sometimes know as Myxi or Myxo which arrived in the UK in the 1950s and decimated the wild population of rabbits. It is still deadly and all rabbits, even indoor rabbits are at risk. A rabbit suffering from Myxi was recently seen in Bushy Park. Please ensure your rabbit’s vaccinations are up to date!… Read more »

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Safely transporting your rabbit to the vet

Sometimes you will have to take your rabbit to the vet, for neutering, dental checks or because he or she has fallen ill. Since rabbits are prey animals they are easily frightened so it’s important to make the visit to the vet as comfortable as possible.

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