Catteries and Kennels

dog-in-kennelIn the future it may become necessary for your dog or cat to stay at a boarding kennels or cattery. Local establishments are listed online and we recommend that you visit and speak to the owner or manager before booking your pet in.

Personal recommendation is usually a good way to choose, along with consideration of the following points:

  • Are you happy with the sizes of the pens and runs?
  • Is the sleeping area suitable?
  • What is the frequency and type of exercise provided?
  • What feeding arrangements are in place?
  • What would happen if your pet became ill whilst in the kennels or cattery?
  • Does the business have insurance to cover any vet bills or would you be liable?
  • Would the kennel or cattery bring the animal to the veterinary surgery or would you have to pay for a veterinary visit?
  • Are staff willing and able to administer any medication that your pet may require?
  • Will your dog require a separate kennel cough vaccination?

It may even be an option for your pet to be looked after in your own home. We can advise you on the best options for your pet and help you to find the right care so can you have peace of mind when you are not there yourself.