Chester goes to Puppy School – week 3

Our 3rd puppy class with Vet4Life was at the beautiful Surbiton practice. Chester was very excited, a good time to practice “settle” at our feet. In class we introduced sit and stay, walking through tunnels, high five and advanced attention exercise. Chester loved it! At home Chester has truly made it his own; crate training has been very successful and loves hanging out in his ‘safe space’ where he also eats and sleeps. At 11 weeks old Chester is rapidly growing and learning all the time!

(If you’d like your new puppy to join our puppy school, give us a ring on 0208 977 3955!)

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Julie Carrig

Receptionist at Vet4life - Teddington
Julie has been involved in dog training for 10 years which started after managing her own challenging dogs. Julie is passionate about helping other people not to have the same problems she did by ensuring the right information and training techniques are employed as early as possible.

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