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Flea Prevention

Flea treatment for cats and dogs at Vet4life

When it comes to parasites with cats and dogs, it’s important you treat your pet regularly – to help prevent diseases spreading and discomfort for your pet.
Ignoring the problem will only make things worse, and may end up affecting not just your pet, but your home too.
Pets can catch fleas, ticks, scabies and ear mites simply through being near other pets, or by passing through high risk areas when out and about, such as the long grass out in the countryside.

How to tell if your cat or dog has fleas:

  • Bite marks
  • Excessive scratching
  • Hair loss
  • Itchy bite marks on your own skin
  • Tiny black specks in pet’s fur
  • Scurrying insects on carpets, furniture or clothes

Studies show that for every 10 fleas on your pet, there could be as many as 100 eggs in your home. And because eggs can lie dormant for months, you need to treat your cat or dog for fleas all year round

Best flea treatment for cats and dogs

There are a variety of flea treatments available for your cat, dog and your home – we offer tailored worm and flea treatment for cats and dogs that suit you and your pet’s individual needs. We strongly recommend that cats and dogs of all ages are routinely treated against common parasites.

We can offer treatments which help control fleas, ticks, mites, lungworm and roundworms all in one – helping to prevent a wide range of diseases.

Cat and dog parasite control

A flea infection can also act as a gateway to other, more serious infections. Flea larvae can become infected with tapeworm eggs, which your pet can easily ingest. That’s why regular worming is just as important as routine flea treatment. With so many worming products to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on an appropriate course of worm treatment for your cat or dog. Vet4life can advise on a solution that’s as safe, as it is effective.

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Pets are part of the family and that’s why here at Vet4life , we treat our clients and patients with the same respect and care we would give our own.

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How do I register my pet

Your pet registration can be completed by filling out our online form.

How do I book an appointment?

An appointment can be booked by calling our practice or completing this online form.

How much will my pet’s treatment cost?

The treatment cost for your pet can vary depending on the service provided. You can request an estimate before any treatment is provided to your pet.

Will my pet insurance cover the costs of treatment?

Having a good pet insurance policy allows you to concentrate on what’s best for your pet while knowing help is there for the cost of unexpected treatment should they become ill or are injured. The type of policy you choose can have implications for the costs you will face so it’s important to choose the right cover.

The four main types of policy are as follows:

  • Accident: provides cover for accidents only and no cover for illness
  • Time-Limited: provides cover for a set amount of time (usually 12 months) and after this period the condition is excluded
  • Maximum Benefit: provides cover up to a maximum amount of money per condition and once this limit is reached the condition is excluded
  • Lifetime: provides a set amount of money each year which is refreshed each time you renew your policy allowing you to continue to claim for ongoing conditions

In summary, it is best to review what type of policy you possess to check if the cost of treatment is covered.