lying-irish-wolfhoundWhat is a Gastropexy?

A gastropexy is a surgical procedure performed on dogs to prevent Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (GDV), commonly known as torsion or bloat. Torsion/bloat is a life-threatening condition in which the stomach twists, stopping blood supply and trapping gas inside the stomach. GDV is a very serious, life-threatening condition – because circulation to the stomach and spleen are cut off, the dog goes into shock and may likely die, usually within just several hours. Recently we saved an Irish Wolfhound and you can read what happened here.

The gastropexy procedure tacks the stomach to the right side of the abdominal wall so that it can’t twist, using minimally invasive surgery.

When should you consider gastropexy for your dog?

GDV or torsion/bloat typically affects large breeds of dog, particularly those with deep chests. Breeds that are susceptible and should be considered for the preventative procedure include:

  • Great Danes
  • St. Bernards
  • Irish Wolfhounds
  • German Shepherds
  • Standard Poodles
  • Bloodhounds

Although bloat is most likely to occur in large breeds, any dog may suffer; we have even treated a Border Collie.

We are pleased to be able to offer gastropexy by keyhole which makes recovery time even faster. Surgery time is reduced, it’s minimally invasive and there will be less pain for your dog. Your dog can go home on the day of the procedure.

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