Pet Insurance

happy cat groomingSadly pets suffer from accidents and illness just like us. Unfortunately there is no NHS for animals so the cost of treatment has to be met by the animal’s owner. For example, if your pet was unlucky enough to have a collision with a car and need emergency treatment these costs can really add up and sometimes run into thousands of pounds.

As your pet gets older, it may develop a chronic illness such as diabetes requiring medical care and treatment for the rest of his or her life.

We strongly recommend that pet owners take out insurance so that if your pet is unlucky enough to become unwell, we are able to offer the best possible care without you having to worry about how to pay for it!

There are lots of different companies offering pet insurance. We have information leaflets in Reception and you could check advertisements in pet magazines and on the internet. Make sure that you read the small print carefully when deciding which policy to choose. Some insurance companies will cover any condition for the rest of the pet’s life, whilst others will only pay out for the first twelve months of each condition.

Our staff are trained Pet Plan advisers so we can sign your pet up for a free four week insurance policy in the clinic with immediate cover. Please ask at reception for more information and to take advantage of this great offer.