New dog shampoo – Bonnie and Bailey

bonnie-bailey-dog-shampooWe are now selling Bonnie and Bailey dog shampoo at our Surbiton clinic. Bonnie and Bailey make natural, organic, care products for dogs:

  • The first dog care products certified by the Soil Association
  • All products have maximal organic content with a minimal 74% ingredient listing
  • No sls’s, parabens, pesticides, lanolin, or harsh surfactants – only gentle, naturally-derived detergents
  • Made in England
  • Recyclable aluminium used
  • Tested on humans…and willing dogs!                                  

We are stocking three types of shampoo:

Derma Soothe – fragrance free with Jojoba and Argan oil to help sooth and condition damaged and irritated skin

Citrus Zing – a citrus explosion of anti-bacterial citrus oils to deep clean while maintaining oil and balance to the skin

Puppies & Gentle – an invigorating fragrance with a blend of chamomile, rosemary and lemongrass to provide a gentle wash while offering a soothing and calming experience and a fabulous all-round wash which is equally suitable for all dogs

You can now buy this fabulous new product from our Surbiton clinic. Let us know if your dog approves!

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Ian Stroud

Veterinary Surgeon at Vet4life
Ian Stroud is a highly experienced small animal veterinary surgeon with over 15 years working in practice. He has particular interests in several areas including minimally-invasive surgery, orthopaedics and oncology (cancer treatment). He currently practices in Teddington, Shepperton and Surbiton where he is the director of Vet4life.
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