New Laser Therapy for Pain Relief and Healing

k-laser-catWhat is Laser Therapy?

It’s never a good thing when an animal is ill but when it does happen our aim is to make them as comfortable as possible and back to health as quickly as possible. We’re really pleased to now offer laser therapy as an advanced pain relief option at the clinic. Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to help reduce pain, improve circulation and decrease swelling. Continue Reading

Veterinary Nurse Vacancy at Vet4life

Teddington TeamAre you just about to qualify and looking for a great place to start your nursing career?

Vet4life in Teddington are looking for a qualified and registered veterinary nurse to join our small, friendly team. We are looking for someone with great communication and organisational skills. In return we can offer a job within a modern and progressive practice with facilities that include laparoscopy, ultrasound, digital x-ray, endoscopy and a new class IV laser! Salary is negotiable dependent on experience and other benefits include a generous CPD allowance and payment of RCVS and VMD fees. Continue Reading

Big Bear Award – Rocky

schnauzerRocky’s Story

Rocky, a 16 week old black and white Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle cross), had only been with his new family since Christmas when disaster struck in early February. He was a clever puppy and was settling into his new home well. Although his family were constantly trying to stop him chewing tempting items like toys and clothing, he was always up to mischief!

Very early one morning Rocky woke up his owners to go outside to the toilet. After a small treat to reward his excellent toilet training he looked suddenly ill and began to vomit. Again at breakfast time he vomited several times and he also seemed quite flat.

Rocky was brought straight to the Vet4life clinic for assessment of his vomiting.  Continue Reading

Big Bear Award – Nina

black-catNina’s Story

Late one night, Nina, a 3 year old female black Domestic Short Hair cat, was crossing Teddington High Street when she was hit by a passing bus. Tristan, Vet4life’s out of hours vet, received a call from her worried owners and rushed to the clinic to assess Nina’s injuries. The accident scene was just down the road from the Vet4life clinic and so emergency treatment was started almost immediately following the accident. Continue Reading

Emergency First Aid for Pets

vet4life-first-aid-kitsWe were lucky enough to be entertained and informed by local vet Zara Boland last week, who delivered a great presentation on “Emergency First Aid for Pets”.

First and foremost, the best thing you can do in an emergency is not panic! Of course this is a lot easier said than done, but it’s incredibly important to remain calm and act cautiously. Assess the situation and ask yourself whether there’s anything you can do straight away or is it crucial to get to the vet immediately?

Remember, if in doubt, a vet is only ever a phone call away (24/7 hour care is available on 0208 977 3955). Continue Reading

Big Bear Award – Sweepy

Sweepy, a 10 year old black and white cocker spaniel, was brought to see Ian Stroud at Vet4life in November 2012. In just a few days Sweepy had gone from being a bright and happy dog to becoming very quiet and sleeping a lot. He was also refusing all food. When Ian examined him he found that Sweepy was lethargic. His gums were also pale and jaundiced. Continue Reading

Christmas Opening Hours

Hi, We are closing early on Christmas Eve and will be open again on the day after Boxing day. Please see below for details of our opening times. I do hope there are no problems but should you need to speak to a vet or to arrange an out of hours appointment please contact our Emergency Vet on 07508133967. Merry Christmas! Continue Reading

Activity feeders – making mealtimes fun!

activity-feeders-for-catsOften, attempts to liven up their food with treats, gravy, chicken and a different flavour or type at every meal-time leads to overweight pets. In the same way, when presented with a delicious cheese board after a big meal I find it very hard to resist indulging myself even though I have eaten more than enough!

One of the most common questions I hear when discussing diet is “Won’t she get bored just eating one type or flavour of food?”

The answer is usually “No, just feed a really good quality diet, ensure that she is eating the correct amount and give a modest amount of treats during the day as a reward for good behavior.” Continue Reading

Big Bear Award – Tia

tiaTia’s Story

Tia Wolff has become a frequent visitor and special patient at Vet4life this year. In less than six months she has suffered a double cancer diagnosis and lung disease, and is much deserving of September’s Big Bear Award for bravery.

When Tia first came to see us in July 2012, her owner was concerned by a skin lump on her left side. The mass had grown from a tiny inconspicuous bump to a two centimetre tumour in one year. Also cause for concern was the fact that Tia had become progressively slower on walks and was generally lethargic. Although Tia was an older dog, her owner just knew something wasn’t right. Continue Reading

Safely transporting your rabbit to the vet

rabbit-in-grassSometimes you will have to take your rabbit to the vet, for neutering, dental checks or because he or she has fallen ill. Since rabbits are prey animals they are easily frightened so it’s important to make the visit to the vet as comfortable as possible.

Continue Reading