Rescue Remedies

Rescue Remedies have been rescuing dogs since 2002. They have grown from small beginnings and have helped to re-home and give life saving treatment to hundreds of dogs in some very desperate situations. The charity does not have a call centre but is internet based. At any one time they are caring for up-to 90 dogs which can be seen by going to their website. Lynne who founded the charity has expertise and specialist knowledge with Terriers.

Their key principals are are accepting dogs with more difficult backgrounds. Many have run out of time and are in council pounds, about to be put to sleep and are in desperate need of a rescue place. They will ensure all achieve good health are neutered, vaccinated and achieve a well-balanced temperament. Their aim is to home the dogs in a loving environment that can provide stability for the rest of their lives. They offer their dogs “back-up for life”and their families friendship for life!

All the team here at Vet4life are delighted be have the opportunity to meet and help so many lovely dogs and feel inspired by the ceaseless efforts of Lynne. If you are think you might be able to offer a home to one of the many lovely dogs, please click on the link and see how you might be able to help.

Easter and Royal Wedding Opening Hours

Please note our opening hours over the Easter and Royal Wedding break. If we are closed, and it is an emergency, please telephone 02089773955 for details of our out of hours cover. Happy Easter, stay safe and don’t eat too many chocolates.

Itchy Skin?

dog-scratching-behind-earDog allergies affect nearly one in seven dogs and that number is increasing year on year. Skin allergies are the most common form of allergy seen. Although certain breeds such as West Highland White Terriers seem to be over-represented, any breed or mixed-breed can be affected.

A lot of allergies seem to be seasonal and now is the start of when you often get flare-ups. More information about this condition and what you can do to help manage the itch can be found here.

Puppy School

Julie and Donna are now running puppy classes on Thursday evenings.

The positive reward-based methods we use are fun, kind and proven to be the most effective way of training your dog.

We aim to take each puppy on a four week course at the end of which they will have learned essential socialisation skills. We will also advise you on how to teach her not to jump up, how not to run off and the best way of house training. Our Vet Nurse training means we can also give appropriate and impartial advice over a wide range of health issues that can crop up in the first few months of a puppies life.

Class sizes are deliberately kept small so please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. You can call us on 020 8977 3955 or pop into the clinic for more information.

Vet4Life officially open!

Gyles Brandreth entertained the crowd with witty anecdotes about his posh poodle called Phydeaux at the opening of Vet4life in Teddington. Many thanks to everyone who came and of course Gyles

Top 5 Dog Walks in Teddington

deer-in-parkWe put our heads together this morning and came up with our favourite 5 places to take our dogs for a walk around Teddington.

The Riverside

In our opinion the Thames is the most beautiful place to walk your k9 friends and is right on everyones doorstep. My favorite Stretch is between Richmond bridge passing Ham House untill you reach Teddington Lock. Starting your walk at either end, at the pubs in Teddington or a dog friendly cafe at Richmond Bridge. Its a great place to walk with lots of interesting things for you and your dog athough watch out for the tides, cyclists and be prepared for mud. Continue Reading

Gyles Brandreth to open Vet4Life

Gyles brandreth has kindly agreed to step in and open Vet4Life on Friday 18th March at 11am after Dr Vince Cable cancelled because of his ministerial commitments. We are of course delighted to have Gyles with us on our official opening day especially as to us he is known not for his jumpers, books, afterdiner speaking, politics or even televeision presenting but for his deep affection for moggies!

Official Opening

Vet4Life will celebrate on March 18th @11 am with an official opening ceremony. It will be a great chance for anyone to come and meet the staff and have a look around the clinic. We will be serving brunch, handing out balloons and other goodies. We also have a very special guest to open the clinic. Please come along and lend your support.

Spring Wildlife

The mornings are getting lighter and there is no longer the chill in the air for the whole day. Is spring just around the corner?

Very shortly there will be many fledgelings, young squirrels and other baby animals joining us. It is also a time when many are brought into the veterinary clinic for attention or because they are lost. It is sad to see baby animals looking lost but very often their parents are near-by and will be looking after them. We would therefore advise, that on the whole, they are left to sort things our themselves. It is very rare that a very young animal, brought into the clinic, can be given the specialist care and diet a parent is able to provide and they sadly, often, do not survive the night. In the case where an animal is obviously in distress or pain then we are here to take care of them and please give the clinic a call. There are also a few excellent charities who specialise in caring for wildlife, we are in regular contact with them and often able to transfer any needy cases to receive specialist care and attention.

Leaving work yesterday I saw a young Vixen cross the road in front of me on Teddington High Street. She had a slight limp on one of her legs but otherwise seemed to be in good condition. She was however, so bold and completely unbothered by my presence, just a couple of meters away. It was lovely to see nature and wildlife close up. I wanted to get a photo but as luck would have it the batteries ran out on my phone. It may still be a while before I win the Wildlife photographer of the year award!

Phones at last!

Our phone line has been installed. The telephone number is 0208 977 3955

Please use this number during the day and for out of hours emergency information