Big Bear Award – Sweepy

Sweepy, a 10 year old black and white cocker spaniel, was brought to see Ian Stroud at Vet4life in November 2012. In just a few days Sweepy had gone from being a bright and happy dog to becoming very quiet and sleeping a lot. He was also refusing all food. When Ian examined him he found that Sweepy was lethargic. His gums were also pale and jaundiced. Continue Reading

Christmas Opening Hours

Hi, We are closing early on Christmas Eve and will be open again on the day after Boxing day. Please see below for details of our opening times. I do hope there are no problems but should you need to speak to a vet or to arrange an out of hours appointment please contact our Emergency Vet on 07508133967. Merry Christmas! Continue Reading

Activity feeders – making mealtimes fun!

activity-feeders-for-catsOften, attempts to liven up their food with treats, gravy, chicken and a different flavour or type at every meal-time leads to overweight pets. In the same way, when presented with a delicious cheese board after a big meal I find it very hard to resist indulging myself even though I have eaten more than enough!

One of the most common questions I hear when discussing diet is “Won’t she get bored just eating one type or flavour of food?”

The answer is usually “No, just feed a really good quality diet, ensure that she is eating the correct amount and give a modest amount of treats during the day as a reward for good behavior.” Continue Reading

Big Bear Award – Tia

tiaTia’s Story

Tia Wolff has become a frequent visitor and special patient at Vet4life this year. In less than six months she has suffered a double cancer diagnosis and lung disease, and is much deserving of September’s Big Bear Award for bravery.

When Tia first came to see us in July 2012, her owner was concerned by a skin lump on her left side. The mass had grown from a tiny inconspicuous bump to a two centimetre tumour in one year. Also cause for concern was the fact that Tia had become progressively slower on walks and was generally lethargic. Although Tia was an older dog, her owner just knew something wasn’t right. Continue Reading

Safely transporting your rabbit to the vet

rabbit-in-grassSometimes you will have to take your rabbit to the vet, for neutering, dental checks or because he or she has fallen ill. Since rabbits are prey animals they are easily frightened so it’s important to make the visit to the vet as comfortable as possible.

Continue Reading

Old Cats and their Kidneys

tortie-persianWhen they get old, many cats start to develop kidney disease. In some cases it is mild and does not cause significant problems, but in others it can be serious and really affect their quality of life. Chronic renal insufficiency can also be known as Chronic Kidney Disease, or CKD. It occurs when there is long-standing, irreversible damage to the kidneys. This is often a wear-and tear type of disease process but can also be as a result of other diseases such as infections.

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Fireworks and Pets

fireworks80% of us have owned a pet that has been scared of fireworks. Many pets are scared of the loud noises and bangs which seem to happen for weeks and weeks at this time of year.

My dog sits and trembles for hours whilst trying to hide under the sofa. Dilated pupils, house soiling, drooling, trying to run away and refusing to eat are other common signs seen in both cats and dogs.

If we don’t address these fears in a timely and correct manner, they may develop into a more serious phobia, which is harder to manage. Continue Reading

Big Bear Award – Wilf

wilf the irish wolfhound

Wilf’s Story

70+ kg of Irish Wolfhound collapsed in a back-garden sounded like an emergency that could not wait. Donna had to finish scaling and polishing another dog’s teeth whilst Ian and Eileen rushed over and found Wilf sprawled out and looking very poorly indeed. He had a distended abdomen, was trying to vomit, had pale gums and a very fast and weak pulse. These were the signs of a Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (also known as GDV or Bloat). This really was a life threatening situation and every minute until we could get him back to the vet’s was vital. Somehow he was picked up and driven back to the clinic where treatment was started. Continue Reading

Jess’s Story (A Keyhole Success!)

jess-keyhole-storyJess, a 12 week Welsh Springer Spaniel, was found to have been born with severe abnormalities of one of the kidneys and her urinary tract since birth. She has a ectopic ureter. This tube, which carries urine from the kidney to the bladder, was connected to the wrong part of the urinary tract. Jess also needed her kidney removed at the same time as it had not formed properly. Continue Reading