Pet travel after Brexit

Pet owners will still be able to travel to Europe with their pet after the UK leaves the EU, whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. However, in the event of no deal, they may need to take some additional steps to be able to travel with their pet to the EU.

If pet owners are planning to travel after 29 March 2019 the Government will recommend they contact their vet at least four months in advance to check what they need to do.

Those wishing to travel to the EU on 30 March 2019, for example, should discuss requirements with their vet as soon as possible and by 28 November 2018 at the latest.

The requirements for travel would include making sure that pets are effectively vaccinated against rabies before they travel. This involves having an up-to-date rabies vaccination and a blood test to demonstrate sufficient levels of rabies antibody.

The blood test would need to be carried out a minimum of 30 days after any initial rabies vaccination and a minimum of three months before their travel date. This means that pet owners will need to talk to their vet about health requirements in good time to make sure they are able to travel with their pet.

The Government has published further guidance for pet owners on its website.

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2 Responses to “Pet travel after Brexit”

  1. Kate Dawson

    My two dogs have had EU passports since 2012 – continuous rabies vaccinations. We travel frequently to our home in France. Can you advise the process and cost – especially of the blood test required 4 months before travel – and does that also apply if travelling back from France? Thank you for your information.

    • Ian Stroud

      Hi Kaie,

      This is a ever changing situation and I would urge you to check with the official information on the APHA website.

      However, my personal thoughts are If we become unlisted (which is unlikely even in the event of a no-deal) pets will need a rabies vaccination and a titre test after 30 days (which will cost £160) and can then travel 3 months later. They do not need a repeat blood sample to return but there will be some parasite treatments as before required for the return journey.

      The most likely scenario is no change or listed status, wherein pets need a health check within 10 days of travel but again, this is just my opinion and not fact. Getting the blood test done is the safer option if there is a pressing need to travel in 4 months time.

      I hope this helps.



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