Senior Pet Health Checks


What’s included?

  • Blood tests: Haematology, biochemistry, electrolytes and thyroid hormones, to assess the function of internal organs
  • Urine tests: to look for kidney problems, bladder infections and many other diseases
  • Blood pressure: to screen for high and low blood pressure

At what age should my pet have a check?

Dogs have a life expectancy ranging from 8-13 years depending on breed, and cats on average live for 14 years.

To pick up potential problems early in the course of the disease, we recommend dogs should have the senior pet health check from 5 years, and cats from 7 years.

Why are these checks so important?

These examinations and tests can help to identify problems we commonly see in senior pets at the earliest moment, often before they start showing any signs. Early identification of these diseases often results in them being managed earlier and more effectively. This will help your pet live a longer and happier life.