Paige Roberts

Veterinary Nurse
at: SheppertonSurbiton

I’m a recently qualified veterinary nurse who joined the Vet4life team in April 2017, shortly after obtaining a degree in Veterinary Nursing from the Royal Veterinary College in London. I’ve been a client with Vet4life for many years and am now so excited to be starting my nursing career here among such a wonderful team! My two favourite areas of nursing are Emergency and Critical Care, and Nursing Clinics. I look forward to meeting all of our clients and their pets as they pass through our doors.

At home I have 3 cats, or the 3 musketeers as they are affectionately termed! These include my 9 year old silver tabby Pepsi, and my two 4 year old black and white troublemakers Bella and Jaxson. I’m a lover of German Pointers and Hungarian Vizzlas and one day hope to add one (or two!) to my menagerie.

When I’m not at work I can normally be found planning my next adventure to a far away land, heading up to London to watch yet another musical, or borrowing (with permission!) my next door neighbours dogs, Hugo and George. a Boston Terrier X Pug and Boxer, to go on a nice long walk in the surrey countryside.

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