Rebecca Winter

Customer Care Adviser
at: Shepperton

Having started my career as a government scientist at the veterinary laboratory in New Haw, testing and developing tests for vaccines, I later enjoyed research and development of automated analytical tests in the human field. Among other things, there was a brief foray into the world of analytical finance before returning to the animal world.

I have Frodo, a gorgeous Tibetan Terrier, and recently taken on a 50 year old tortoise, Graeca, who was in need of a home. In the past I have owned a Part Arab horse, a New Forest pony, Lhasa Apso, a cat, Jardine parrot, chinchillas, chipmunks, lovebirds, terrapins, garter snakes, dwarf lop-eared rabbits, a guinea pig and coldwater fish. Apart from my obvious fascination with natural history, my other interests include swimming, the All Blacks and rowing.

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