Top 10 cool ideas for summer

Perfect Pooch, dog grooming salon in Teddington, gave us their top 10 tips for keeping dogs cool during the UK heatwave!

1. The ideal solution is to remove that big heavy fur coat. Have you ever worn a woolly jumper during a summer dog walk? Ask your groomer about summer grooms during your next visit.

2. It is better to head out on very early morning or sunset walks when the temperature is a lot cooler.

3. If your pooch stays at home during the day, ensure a fan is left running or if possible a window left opened.

4. Leave an extra bowl of ice cold water, leaving a few ice cubes in the dog bowl is a great way of keeping the water cooler for longer.

5. If you can, arrange for a  friend or dog carer to drop in on your pooch on those exceptionally hot days to ensure your pooch is cool and rested.

6. A cool towel left on the tiled floor is another great way of cooling down your pooch and is a far cleaner than the local river! (dampen your towel then pop into the fridge for a few hours before putting it down to ensure it’s not too wet)

7. Perfect Pooch offer a day care service 8-4:30 Monday-Saturday. We are happy for your pooch to spend the day in our air conditioned salon. Please call the salon on 020 8977 3033 to arrange your complimentary trial day!

8. In our house our children love inviting the pooches into the paddling pool, it’s great fun and keeps everyone cool. There are many ‘dog friendly pools’ on the market.

9. Ice cubes to snack on can be a great distraction for your pooch and great to hydrate and cool down.

10. Remember pooch owners, if you can’t walk bare footed on the pavement, your pooch won’t like their little paws touching the pavement either!

Perfect Pooch are always available for any advice, and are happy to help.

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