Urinary Incontinence


Post spay incontinence can occur with any bitch regardless of size, breed or age. Some of the heavier dogs seem to be more prone to it but in some studies there has even shown an association with tail docking!

Incontinence occurs as a result of thinning of the muscle of the urethra due to the absence of oestrogens that are produced by the ovaries. Anatomical considerations can have an effect and sometimes, infection or ectopic urethra can be the cause of the problem instead. Urinary incontinence can be effectively and easily treated with medications such as Incurin or Propalin syrup. On rare occasions surgery may be necessary.

Other causes of incontinence can be due to faulty plumbing, urinary tract infections, nerve diseases, excessive drinking, bladder diseases, prostate problems or stones. If you think that there is a problem please bring a fresh urine sample to the clinic with your dog for a good examination.