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bunny-vaccineLast month, we took a trip over to Bobtails Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue in Ewell to vaccinate some of their rescue bunnies in aid of Rabbit Awareness Week 4th-12th May.

Bobtails aim to neuter and vaccinate all the rabbits before they leave, so Ian and the team at Vet4life were glad to be of help by providing some goodwill vaccinations. It was really great to meet the team at Bobtails who do some wonderful work.

bobtails-rabbit-rescueIt’s a sad fact that the majority of rabbits in charities are simply unwanted pets. Bobtails look after those bunnies passing through on the way to finding new, loving mums and dads. There are always a large number of rabbits and guinea pigs looking for kind, loving homes, ending up at Bobtails for different reasons; some are strays, others are abandoned, often dumped in boxes or even left behind when people move.

How can you help too? Perhaps you could love ‘somebunny’? There are always rabbits that need good, permanent homes. Even if you are unable to adopt a rescue rabbit, you can still help by telling other people about Bobtails and encouraging friends to contact them, or by donating some money. You can contact Bobtails on 020 8393 2016 or email them at

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Ian Stroud is a highly experienced small animal veterinary surgeon with over 15 years working in practice. He has particular interests in several areas including minimally-invasive surgery, orthopaedics and oncology (cancer treatment). He currently practices in Teddington, Shepperton and Surbiton where he is the director of Vet4life.

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