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Merry Christmas

Here’s some of our news.

Wishing you a lovely Christmas and New Year.

The Vet4Life Team

12 common festive poisons

Christmas is a fab time for us but be aware of the potential dangers for our pets. Here’s our list of 12 dangers of Christmas

Big Bear Winner – Roscoe

Roscoe is a lovely little dog that came to us after he became very lethargic and didn’t want to eat. He was dehydrated and had a very painful abdomen. A urine test and blood test revealed that Roscoe had pancreatitis and a condition called diabetic keto-acidosis. Read Roscoe’s story

Our new Customer Care Adviser, Becky

Becky is our new customer care adviser. She’s a ‘crazy cat lady’ and has also just got a French Bulldog puppy called Dexter. Becky looks forward to meeting you and your pets! More about our team

Christmas cookie recipes

We’ve been making Christmas cookies for animals for all recent Lights Up events and they go down really well! Here’s the recipe for dog and cat treats so you can make them yourself at home. Let us know if your pet likes them! Recipes

Travelling in the car with a nervous cat

Some cats get very nervous when going in the car or even being put inside a cat carrier. Here’s some advice on how you can help your cat feel less anxious when bringing them to the vets

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Ian Stroud

Veterinary Surgeon at Vet4life
Ian Stroud is a highly experienced small animal veterinary surgeon with over 15 years working in practice. He has particular interests in several areas including minimally-invasive surgery, orthopaedics and oncology (cancer treatment). He currently practices in Teddington, Shepperton and Surbiton where he is the director of Vet4life.
Ian Stroud

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