Worm control

round-worm-microscopicAlmost all puppies and kittens are infected with roundworms as these are passed on from mother to baby. We recommend regular worming for your new pet (every month) from 8 weeks until 6 months of age to combat this. After this time, you will need to decide upon a permanent worming strategy for your pet. We recommend worming every three months with a single tablet called Milbemax, as this will cover all types of worms.

Roundworm eggs are prevalent in soil and because they are microscopic and sticky, they are easily carried into the house on your shoes or your animal’s fur. These eggs are swallowed as the pet grooms itself, and your dog or cat subsequently becomes infected with roundworms. Pets can also catch tapeworms either by eating fleas (fleas often contain tapeworm eggs) or by eating infested mice, birds, raw meat or faeces.

One type of roundworm, Toxocara, can spread from animals to people and is very occasionally responsible for health problems in humans, including blindness.

We are very happy to discuss your pet’s individual circumstances with you, explain the different products available, and help you decide on a suitable worming and flea regime that suits your pet’s lifestyle and habits. Call us on 020 8977 3955 (Teddington), 01932 229 900 (Shepperton)or 0208 390 5270 (Surbiton).