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You can speak to any of our reception team who are always happy to help. Online sign-up is available here. You can find Terms & Conditions here.

Why would my pet benefit from becoming a Family member?

In short, we want to help your pet stays as healthy as possible. We will do this by encouraging you to keep them vaccinated, have a microchip, keep their internal and external parasites at bay and have unlimited access to our vets and nurses for information, advice or a examination whenever they need it.

Will I save money by becoming a Family member?

Yes, the charges have been calculated to ensure that you will save money by taking out this plan in all areas of their preventative health. Plus you have total peace of mind that your pet can access unlimited free consultations with our qualified vets and nurses.

How much does it cost?

Payments are taken by direct debit on the first of every month and we will always ensure Vet4life Family members are saving money. Current prices start at only £24.56 for dogs, £23.48 for cats and £12.87 for rabbits.

Are the consultations really unlimited?

Yes , If your pet needs to be seen, we will see them and there will be no charge for our time.

Do I have to use the flea and worm treatments that are on the plan?

Usually yes. However, if it is advised by one of our vets, then alternative treatments may be dispensed. We will also be very happy to make a bespoke treatment plan for you and your pet. The price of your pet’s unique plan could vary depending on medication required, but one of our team will make sure to keep you aware of all costs.

I forgot to pick up my pet’s medications, can I collect two lots during the next quarter?

If you have telephoned and ordered them when they were due then yes you can collect two lots, as one will already be waiting for you. However, if we have not had an order, then unfortunately you can’t collect two lots. To help make life easier so you don’t forget, we will text you at the beginning of every month to remind you to give your pet it’s parasite treatment. We will also post out the medications, if you can’t make it into the clinic, via registered post, for only £5.

Can I take a year’s worth of medications in one go?

Unfortunately because the direct debit payment is monthly and because your pet’s requirement may change from one month to the next, we only supply 3 months at a time. Plus we really want to see you both in the clinic even if it is to have a happy visit and say “hello”.

I do not know what my puppy’s adult weight will be, how do I choose the right plan?

We only have 3 price brackets for dogs and we can usually predict the adult weight quite accurately. However, if your pet does not achieve their predicted adult weight or if they exceed their weight bracket then we will just amend your policy as soon as it is clear. Please note there will also be a change to your direct debit at this point.

How long do the policies last for?

The cost for a puppy and an adult dog is the same and will run on for the life of your pet. So, you will never be without the peace of mind of being able to see a vet or vet nurse whenever you want, without having to pay.

How can I cancel my policy?

You may cancel your membership at any time by giving us not less than two weeks’ notice in writing via email. If you cancel your membership before you have had the health plan for 12 consecutive months, we will review your account and, where applicable, charge you retrospectively the full price of any products and services received during the course of your membership, minus any membership fees received to date. Unpaid bills relating to your membership fees, treatment received or medicines dispensed will be handled in accordance with our standard terms and conditions.

Will I be charged if I cancel my policy?

If you have taken out your policy, paying the small monthly charge, instead of paying in full for the vaccines and medications and then immediately cancel your policy then you will only be invoiced for the difference between what you paid and what you should have paid. If you have had the policy for several months or years there will be no charges if you decide to cancel. Full details of our cancellation policy are available on request.

I have brought my pet in for it’s first vaccine, can I take advantage of this plan and sign up today?

Yes you can, you will be charged the first months fee but can start saving straight away. You can fill out a form in the practice and will can sign you up online there and then. Please bring your bank details with you so we can set up the direct debit.

I have brought my pet in for its second vaccination. I want to take out a plan. Can I claim back the cost of the first vaccination?

Unfortunately we can’t back date any of the benefits, however, you are getting such a great deal, and peace of mind it makes complete sense to sign up and become a family member today.

How will I remember to give my pet its parasite control each month?

We will send you a friendly reminder at the beginning of each month by text. When your pet’s vaccine is due we will send you a couple of text reminders.

Do I have to use the practice where my pet is registered to get the medications and be seen?

No you can use any of the Vet4life practices as if they were your local practice. All your pet’s records are immediately accessible from each clinic so their care will be continuous.

Is my pet covered out of hours?

Out of hours care is run through our clinics but administered by a separate company. At this time standard out of hours charges apply to all clients of the clinic. We hope that as a family member, you will bring your pet to see us sooner and need the out of hours emergency service less.

Are home visits covered?

There is a surcharge applied in addition to the consultation charge for home visits. Family members will just have to pay the surcharge element of the home visit.

Should I cancel my insurance policy now I am a Vet4life Family member?

The Family policies are designed to run alongside your existing insurance policy and not an alternative. Vet4life family offers an easy and affordable way to give your pet the best preventative health care and to keep them healthy. It does not cover for unexpected illness or accidents.

Are animals with pre-existing conditions excluded from joining the Vet4life Family?

Not at all, we welcome all of your pets regardless of their health and medical history. Please note however, it is just consultations with the veterinary surgeons or nurses that are covered. Medications, diagnostic tests (both in house and at the lab), investigations and surgery are all charged at our normal prices.

Where can I get more information about the Vet4life family plans?

Please speak to any of our reception team who are always happy to help. You can also sign up online here. You can find Terms & Conditions here

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time during the 12-month period.

Whether you're eligible for a refund or owe further payments depends on when you cancel. This consideration includes all Membership benefits such as vaccinations and year-round parasite treatment. To view more information about cancellation terms, please view our Pet Health Plan Terms of Service here.

Cancellation Options: If you choose to cancel your Membership or decide not to renew, you have several convenient options:

  • Online: Cancel anytime by following this link.

  • Phone or Writing: Notify us by phone or in writing.

  • Renewal Email Notification: Use the secure link sent in your renewal email notification to initiate cancellation.