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Even the very best dental care does not clean 100% of every part of the tooth and gum. Therefore on occasions your pet may have to come in and have dental care under an anaesthetic. This will allow us to fully examine all of the teeth, take x-rays to look at the health of the roots, scale tartar deposits away and polish the clean teeth to a shine!

Your pet’s teeth accumulate tartar and can become infected and/or loose just like ours. To some extent it is possible to slow down the development of these problems by providing specially shaped chewy toys, crunchy biscuits or dental chews.

However, the best way to protect your pet’s teeth is by brushing them every day. Not all pets will tolerate this, but if you start whilst they are young, many will accept it.

You can purchase special pet toothbrushes that fit over the end of your finger, or use a soft child’s toothbrush. Human toothpastes are not suitable for pets but you can buy non-foaming, poultry or meat flavoured toothpastes that are specially formulated for dogs and cats.

Any of the vets or nurses will be happy to demonstrate how to brush your pet’s teeth – please ask for further information, or find the products in reception if you want to try yourself!

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