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What is Vet4life Family?

Our Vet4life Philosophy is always to work in partnership with our clients, fostering a caring community of pet lovers, a family. Clients tell us that’s what makes Vet4life special and unique – our family feel. Families look out for each other, and are stronger together as a result.

So here is our commitment to you, our Vet4life Family.

We make it as easy as possible to see a vet or nurse.

We understand how scary it is when your pet is ill, how helpless you can feel. We know that sometimes you just need your pet to have a quick check to allay your concerns. Thanks to Vet4life Family, you’ll never need to pay a consultation fee again.

Whenever you need an appointment, the cost is taken care of, so you’ll only pay for any medications prescribed, or treatments administered.

Our time, care and advice won’t cost another penny.

When you’re a member of Vet4life Family, in addition to the relief of knowing that you’ll never pay consultation fees again, you can also cover the cost of your pet’s entire routine health care.

Regular Direct Debit payments spread across the year, for your convenience, mean that it couldn’t be simpler.

Vet4life Family Costs and Savings

Included: vaccines, wormers, flea tx, BP, unlimited vet visits

Pet SizeMonthly Cost
rabbit Rabbit    £12.87
 catCat  £23.48 
 small dogDog < 25kg  £24.56
 medium dogDog 25 - 40kg  £29.86
 big dogDog 40+ kg  £39.86