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Rescue Remedies have been rescuing dogs since 2002. They have grown from small beginnings and have helped to re-home and give life saving treatment to hundreds of dogs in some very desperate situations. The charity does not have a call centre but is internet based. At any one time they are caring for up-to 90 dogs which can be seen by going to their website. Lynne who founded the charity has expertise and specialist knowledge with Terriers.

Their key principals are are accepting dogs with more difficult backgrounds. Many have run out of time and are in council pounds, about to be put to sleep and are in desperate need of a rescue place. They will ensure all achieve good health are neutered, vaccinated and achieve a well-balanced temperament. Their aim is to home the dogs in a loving environment that can provide stability for the rest of their lives. They offer their dogs "back-up for life"and their families friendship for life!

All the team here at Vet4life are delighted be have the opportunity to meet and help so many lovely dogs and feel inspired by the ceaseless efforts of Lynne. If you are think you might be able to offer a home to one of the many lovely dogs, please click on the link and see how you might be able to help.