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dog-olympicsLast Sunday we celebrated the UK Olympics 2012 with an Olympic-themed dog show - the "Teddington Dog Olympics 2012". Hundreds of people attended, making it a really fun and popular event! Fortunately the rain held off for the entire day, weren't we lucky?!

Some of the games included the Waggiest Tail, Best Trick, Doggie Limbo and the Longest (‘Marathon’) Sit. Owners and dogs alike had a great time, the dogs being the stars of the show! Gold, silver and bronze rosettes were awarded to the winning and runner-up dogs.

List of winning dogs:

  • Scurry Run (large dogs) – Ben with owner Brian
  • Scurry Run (small dogs) – Winnie with owner Florence
  • Limbo (large dogs) – Digby with Abby
  • Limbo (small dogs) – Spike with owner Zoe
  • Musical Hoops – Woody with owner Carys
  • Marathon Stay – Elly with owner Jackie
  • Waggiest Tail – Rio with owner Renata
  • Best Trick – Brandy with owner Kathleen
  • Agility – Jasper with and Megan with Lottie
  • Dog of the Day – Digby

Well done to all the doggies!

There was also a “Have a go” “fun” Agility, which proved to be extremely popular. A wonderful Heelwork to Music display entertained the crowds during the break.

The dog show was a fun non-profit charity event and over £600 was raised for three of our local animal charities.

Please take a moment to, where you will find some great photos from the day.

We would like to thank all the volunteers and sponsors of the day, who helped to make it such a successful dog show.