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jess-keyhole-storyJess, a 12 week Welsh Springer Spaniel, was found to have been born with severe abnormalities of one of the kidneys and her urinary tract since birth. She has a ectopic ureter. This tube, which carries urine from the kidney to the bladder, was connected to the wrong part of the urinary tract. Jess also needed her kidney removed at the same time as it had not formed properly.

When Ian discovered these abnormalities, he knew of only one person who had the experience to help – his friend and doctor Chris Anderson. Chris is a top human surgeon with expertise in urological surgery, especially via keyhole and using robotics.

When Ian diagnosed Jess with her condition, he immediately saw the benefit for using keyhole surgery and wanted to offer her the very best treatment possible. Keyhole surgery minimises the discomfort for Jess.

The operation was a huge success. The most amazing thing was that Jess went home just three hours after being discharged from the procedure. She was very comfortable and bright. We checked up on Jess the next day and it was great to find she was no longer leaking urine, as this bodes very well as indicating a successful outcome.

We will continue to monitor Jess's progress through her recovery.

This has been a wonderful success story that exemplifies the benefits of reduced pain and a much quicker recovery when procedures are done via keyhole. 

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