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fireworks80% of us have owned a pet that has been scared of fireworks. Many pets are scared of the loud noises and bangs which seem to happen for weeks and weeks at this time of year.

My dog sits and trembles for hours whilst trying to hide under the sofa. Dilated pupils, house soiling, drooling, trying to run away and refusing to eat are other common signs seen in both cats and dogs.

If we don’t address these fears in a timely and correct manner, they may develop into a more serious phobia, which is harder to manage.

There are a number of things that you can do to try and prepare your pet for fireworks night/month and minimise any stress they may feel. At Vet4life we recommend the following protocol for nearly all dogs and cats that are affected by fireworks:

  • In the weeks before, provide a covered den for your pet and encourage them to use it. This should be their safe place where they can go at all times.
  • Plug in an Adaptil adapter as close to the den as possible. Adaptil collars can also be used so they get a blast of the good pheromones wherever they are.
  • Feliway diffusers and sprays are great if you have a cat.
  • Around the time of the disruption, try and act normally and indifferent to their behavior with a few calming words or a gentle pat of reassurance. Do not tell your pet off as this may just make them more fearful.
  • There are some natural remedies we stock that they could take such as Calmex tablets or liquid, which helps to reduce their stress.
  • Walk your dog outside when it is still light when there is less firework noise.
  • Ensure that your pet is safe. Make sure all windows and curtains are closed to try and block out the sound of fireworks. Putting the TV or radio can to help mask loud noises.

We hope that this helps; we know it can be a terrible time for many of you. In moderate or severe cases, it might even be best to make an appointment with the vet who can dispense stronger medications to help with the stress and anxiety. Please contact the clinic where we are happy to give you more information.