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cat-scratchingSometimes pet owners come to us exclaiming that, despite de-fleaing their pet regularly, their pet is still scratching. We first make sure that they are using the correct flea treatment. Most supermarket flea treatment products are not strong enough to get rid of fleas. It is important to use a safe and effective veterinary recommended flea product.

If there are fleas on your pet then there will be a huge number in your home. Eggs are laid by the flea in the hundreds and drop off into the carpets and floor where they develop into hungry adults. It is therefore, very important to treat the environment as well as the animal. Be wary of existing infestations, particularly if you have just moved house or even if you have bought some second-hand furniture. Fleas are very clever and may remain dormant for long periods of time, only awakening when the conditions for life are right, such as sensing animal movement or vibrations.

To treat the house, we recommend an environmental flea spray such as Acclaim. It is important to spray the whole house, including carpets, and floorboards if you can. Acclaim will be active in your home to up to one year.