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ginger-tom-catSome pet owners ask us whether their (male) cat has to be castrated - after all, there isn't the risk of pregnancy and kittens with a male cat.

We recommended that cats are castrated for several reasons:

  • A castrated cat is less likely to fight with other cats, which reduces the incidence of bite wounds, other injuries and risk of contracting Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV, otherwise known as 'cat aids').
  • A castrated cat is less likely to wander, which reduces the likelihood of him getting caught up in road traffic accidents, or getting lost or stolen.
  • A castrated cat smells much nicer! A 'tom cat' loves to mark his territory by spraying smelly urine in the house.

A cat castration is a short operation, done under a very brief anaesthetic and the cat can often go home as quickly as one hour after the operation.

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