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toby the west highland white terrierToby is an 8 year old West Highland White Terrier. Toby is a very happy, active dog but one day on his walks he ruptured the cruciate ligament in his knee. This caused him to limp on his leg, and despite rest and anti-inflammatories this lameness did not improve. Surgery was the next step and the angle in his knee joint was changed in order to stabilise the knee.

Unfortunately after the operation Toby got a bit carried away with a canine friend at the park and actually fractured his leg! He underwent another surgery to fix the fracture and was on very strict instructions to rest until everything had healed. The 8 weeks of recovery were aided by our brand new, surgery-free, pain-free, drug-free ‘K-laser’ which is a great tool to promote healing. After 8 weeks Toby’s leg had finally healed and he is now able to play rough and tumble with his friends again. Well done Toby, you have been such a star patient!