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sammyOur latest Big Bear Award goes to Sammy. Sammy is a 6 month old little girl who was hit by a car. Sammy was rushed in by her owner. Sammy had a severe blow to her right side. She had severe concussion and was showing advanced neurological signs. The swelling and bruising to her brain meant she couldn’t stand and her head was only turning to one side, she was also blind. At that point it was difficult to know whether Sammy would make a recovery or not. Sammy also fractured one of her back legs that needs a cast for 4-6 weeks to help it heal.

Within the first week Sammy’s neurological signs made small improvements. Sammy appeared to be able to see a bit more, she could walk much better, but she still had a slight head turn.

Now Sammy is leading a normal life and is happy to be running around again. We are so impressed with her sheer determination.

With head trauma it is important to seek immediate veterinary care. Early treatment can help the chances of recovery.