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spaniel-in-grassWe have just invested in a treatment option, known as V-PET. V-PET, which stands for Platelet Enhancement Therapy, is a new, safe procedure for treating lameness.

Osteoarthritis and tissue damage can cause pain and stiffness in the joints, resulting in lameness. This damage is usually difficult to heal and can take a long time - but studies have shown that Platelet Enhancement Therapy can help.

V-PET concentrates platelets, white blood cells and their associated growth factors (responsible for new tissue growth) from a small amount of your pet's own blood for use as a cell therapy. The cell therapy is injected directly into the injured area. Platelets are activated at the site of injury, releasing growth factors.

Lab tests have shown that these growth factors play a key role in regenerating and revascularising tissue. This accelerates healing and reduces recovery times.

Read more about V-PET and please do contact us for more information.