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Christmas is a great time for everyone. Unfortunately, at this time of year we often see animals that are quite poorly. In many cases it is very avoidable especially if you follow our ten top tips to keep your pet healthy at Christmas.

  1. Avoid feeding your pets Christmas cake or mince pies, as raisins (and grapes) can, in some cases, be toxic and cause kidney failure.
  2. Make sure that your pets have somewhere quiet they can take themselves off to, particularly if you are expecting lots of noisy guests.
  3. Wrap up shorthaired dogs, (and those that are young or old), with nice warm jacket, if you are walking outside in cold weather.
  4. Wash your dog’s feet if they have been walking on gritted pavements. The salt can be very irritant to their paws.
  5. Keep Christmas decorations and wrapping out of reach; pets are attracted to bright and shiny things, and cats will chase bits of string. If eaten they can cause serious stomach issues. Most pets including rabbits will chew through the fairy lights if given half a chance.
  6. Don’t feed Christmas dinner leftovers as human food can be too rich and cause diarrhea and vomiting. Bones can be potentially lethal and block or perforate the intestinal tract.
  7. Chocolate can cause real problems for dogs, as they are very sensitive to the theobromine, which can act like an overdose of caffeine.
  8. Take care with floral arrangements and plants especially if you have cats; Lilies are toxic to cats and the pollen can easily get on their coats if they brush past. Ponsiettas are also a common addition to the home at Christmas and they are toxic to your pet if eaten.
  9. Avoid frozen ponds and canals and finally…
  10. Please don’t give a pet as a surprise present; a dog is for life not just for Christmas!

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At vet4life we hope you have a wonderful Christmas time. Remember the tips, stay healthy, but don’t forget, if you do need us, we are here (24 hour emergency).