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Misty's Story

Back in March, little Misty, a beautiful 12 month old grey and white short haired cat was rushed into the clinic following a Road Traffic Accident.

Poor Misty was in a very bad way, struggling with breathing and with severe head injuries.  She was given pain relief and anaesthetised to assess the extent of her injuries.  Xrays revealed she had fractured her upper and lower jaw, her hard palate, one of her teeth, and had widespread muscle injury and bruising.  She also had damage to her right eye causing blindness.  In order to stabilise Misty's jaw, a combination of wire and a special acrylic bonding paste were used, meaning she would be unable to eat or drink for herself while the fractures healed.  An oesophageal feeding tube was placed, which is a rubber tube that's passed through a surgical opening in the oesophagus and down into the stomach allowing us to bypass her mouth and feed a liquidised diet. 

Misty's injuries required intensive nursing. Brave little Misty was hospitalised for three days to ensure she was given plenty of pain relief and fed the correct amount to help with her recovery.

Misty would need to keep her feeding tube in place for four weeks while she recovered so her owners were shown how to administer the food at home.  This can be quite time consuming but her committed owners did a fantastic job at keeping her fed and happy and bringing her in for regular check ups.  Despite all the treatment, Misty has remained a lovely sweet girl, always wanting a fuss and a cuddle at every opportunity!

Misty recovered well and had her feeding tube removed at the end of March and this month she came in to have her wire removed and her fractured tooth extracted.  It was so lovely to see Misty again and all the team were thrilled to see her doing so well!

She still has some issues with vision in her right eye which may need further treatment but apart from that Misty is doing incredibly well, and virtually back to her normal self.  Both Misty and her owners have been so brave and strong throughout this very difficult period and this has helped tremendously with her recovery.

Misty thoroughly deserves a Big Bear Award!