Our Pet Health Plan Terms are being updated, effective from 12th February 2024. Please click here for more information.

We continually review our parasite treatment protocols and the new products that are available, to ensure that we can offer the best possible protection for your pet. There is a new product which is now included on the health plan for our Family members. It protects against all the key parasites mentioned below so has the added advantage of tick prevention.

It is a tasty chew, which can make parasite control like giving a treat to your dog, so you can be confident that the full dose of product has been given. Using an oral chew also means that your dog can be stroked and cuddled straight after treatment and swimming or bathing won’t affect the treatment working.

The existing products your pet will have been prescribed are still very effective and safe. But to help ensure that our Family members have access to the very best and latest parasite treatment options we have now included the chew on the plan. We are sure that your pet will love this treatment just as much as you’ll love the convenience. 

Key parasites of dogs


Lungworm is picked up when your dog swallows slugs and snails, or larvae in their slime trails, either on purpose or accidentally whilst chewing grass, playing or drinking outside. Lungworm can be deadly to dogs and this parasite continues to be a real concern in our area.


Ticks are a growing problem. One recent survey has showed that 1 in 3 dogs were infested with ticks. Ticks can transmit deadly diseases to your dog such as babesiosis and some can also transmit diseases to people such as Lyme disease.  So it’s important that your dog is regularly treated against this parasite.


Roundworms are not a new threat to pets. However, if accidentally eaten, eggs from the roundworm Toxocara develop into larvae which can cause neurological signs and even blindness especially in young children.  Regular treatment will help protect your dog and help reduce the risks to your family and other people too.


Fleas are an ever-present risk, and can cause intense itching and scratching when they bite our dogs to feed on their blood. They can also bite and transmit disease to us. Once established, a flea infestation can take up to 6 months to resolve, so regular treatment is absolutely key for prevention.

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