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Some of our clients find Reiki healing very useful. We asked Gill Carrick, who does Reiki healing in Teddington and locally, to tell us a bit more about it:

Reiki can benefit animals experiencing a range of challenges, and my recent cases have included a sweet cat called Mia, and a brave dog called Sandie.

Mia’s owner approached me earlier this year, clearly concerned about the change to her ‘fur-bundle’ since the family moved into a new home a few months’ ago. Normally an outdoor cat, Mia’s now refusing to leave the house; spending hours hiding under the bed. She also meows constantly.

Mia’s been checked over by her vet and it seems there’s no underlying physical explanation, so the owner suspects it’s an emotional issue. It certainly seems to point that way.

As this was our first meeting I decided to give Reiki to Mia from a short distance, rather than hands-on. I held my palms upwards, towards her, and let the healing energy flow. She was quiet for around 10 minutes, absorbing the energy. She then looked at me intently before wandering off, as if to say: ‘that’s enough for now, thanks.’ With Reiki, animals always set the pace, and Mia had clearly reached her limit this time. She gave me a soft meow as she left.

The feedback from her owner was positive and I’m due to see Mia again soon. Hopefully, a few Reiki sessions will help this lovely cat to start living her life to the full again.

Just like cats, many dogs are living to a grand old age & Sandie’s no exception. Despite having to cope with an enlarged liver; cushings, severe deafness (selective at times according to her owner) and arthritis, Sandie’s about to celebrate her 16th birthday. She still loves swimming; going for walks – and eating of course. The more treats the better.

A former rescue dog whose previous owners couldn’t cope with her boisterous nature (she’s a mix of greyhound; collie and German shepherd), Sandie finally landed on her paws when she was nine months’ old and met her loving forever-owner.

Aside from regular veterinary care, Sandie’s receiving acupuncture; homeopathy, and now Reiki. I started the session with some gentle patting and a few tasty treats, and sat next to her as she settled onto her favourite sheepskin rug. Her look suggested: ‘Ok, let’s get on with it.’

I rested one hand gently around her neck, the other further along her back and told her why I was there; what I was trying to do, and that she only had to take as much Reiki as she felt comfortable with. She seemed to understand what I was saying, and dozed.

I carried on giving her Reiki, careful to avoid any painful areas around her tummy, and apart from looking at her owner from time to time Sandie seemed relaxed. She then went into the garden and started digging. A happy sign, the owner informed me.

It’s clear the end will come soon for Sandie, but she’ll make the decision when it’s time to go - as animals tend to do.