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Roscoe's Story

Roscoe is a lovely little dog that came to us after he became very lethargic and didn’t want to eat.

He was dehydrated and had a very painful abdomen. A urine test and blood test revealed that Roscoe had pancreatitis and a condition called diabetic keto-acidosis. This is a life-threatening condition whereby the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin so that glucose cannot be used by the body cells for energy. Instead, fat is broken down to provide energy, and acids known as ketones are produced. This caused Roscoe to become very sick and he required emergency stabilisation. He received intensive fluid therapy, antibiotics, pain relief, and insulin.

Roscoe's condition remained critical and he required intensive overnight hospitilasation. Despite all the tests and intensive management that Roscoe received, he was incredibly brave throughout and battled through what was a very worrying time for everyone involved.

An ultrasound examination also revealed that Roscoe had an enlarged adrenal gland and so we became suspicious that Roscoe may have another underlying condition called hyperadrenocorticism or 'cushings' disease.

Over the next few days Roscoe's condition started to improve and he became well enough to go home. Since returning home, Roscoe has been making good progress and is slowly returning to his playful self. He is incredibly good for his twice daily insulin injections and has adjusted well to his new feeding regime.

However, as with all diabetic dogs, Roscoe's road to recovery will be a long one. Both Roscoe and his owners will continue to visit us regularly so we can ensure his diabetes is managed as well as possible. Once we have his diabetes under greater control, Roscoe will be re-assessed to see whether his enlarged adrenal is in fact causing Cushings disease. If it is, Roscoe may require lifelong medication or have the adrenal gland removed by laparoscopic surgery. We are incredibly proud of Roscoe and are thrilled to see him looking so well in time for Christmas.

Roscoe thoroughly deserves his big bear award!