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Summer ailments

Did you know that changing weather patterns (the warm, wet winters that the UK has been experiencing) mean an increase in ticks? Ticks are blood sucking parasites related to spiders. Ticks can cause localised irritation to pets and, if they are scratched off and the mouthparts left behind, small abscesses can result. Ticks can spread diseases such as Lyme Disease and Babesiosis.

In the summer, be extra aware also of hot pavements, sunburn, bee stings, grass seeds... and, if you have a rabbit, Flystrike and RVHD-2. Of course, please do not hesitate to contact us if you're ever worried.

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How to check your dog for grass seeds

10 ways to keep your dog cool

Perfect Pooch, dog grooming salon in Teddington, gave us their top 10 tips for keeping dogs cool during the UK heatwave! 10 tips for heatwave

10 common health conditions in older cats

Generally, cats over the age of 8-10 years are regarded as “senior” so this means we could have a whopping 6 years + of caring for a “senior” pet. If your beloved pet is slowing down, or losing weight or acting strangely, it might not be just because they are getting older. Here's our list of 10 common health conditions in older cats to be aware of

Flystrike & RVHD-2

Flystrike is especially common in summer. It's when flies are attracted to damp fur, urine/faeces and the rabbit's scent. Flies land on the rabbit and lay eggs, which hatch into maggots, which feed on the poor rabbit. How to prevent Flystrike

RVHD-2 is a new strain of the rabbit disease, RVHD. The regular rabbit vaccinations don't cover it. RVHD-2 requires a separate vaccination and now is a great time to do it as the flying insects that carry this disease are more prevalent in the summer. More about RVHD-2

Physiotherapy now available

Physiotherapy can be performed on both dogs and cats, and has all the same benefits as it does in people. We’re pleased to offer physiotherapy appointments at our Surbiton practice after 4.30pm, carried out by Sally from Joanne Boddy & Associate Physiotherapists.  Read more