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rabbit-in-grassUnfortunately there has been an outbreak of RHD2 in Teddington recently leading to the death of a number of pet rabbits.

RHD2 stands for "Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease" and the 2 is because this is a second version of the disease. The first version (RHD1) is included in standard vaccination alongside myxomatosis. RHD2 is spread by flies and can affect rabbits of all ages and the first symptom can be sudden death. As it is spread by flies it can affect both indoor and outdoor rabbits housed either together or separately. You can find out more about RHD2 here.

Rabbits which have been vaccinated against RHD1 and Myxomatosis will not be protected against RHD2, this requires another vaccination.

Vaccination against RHD2 is available at Vet4Life and can protect against this fatal disease. We recommend calling the practice to book in for this vaccine.