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We're incredibly proud of our vet nurse Nicki for her amazing work with Aji. Aji the Yorkshire Terrier came to see Nicki because his owners were concerned about his health. With dedicated owners and under Nicki's guidance, Aji won the inaugral Canine Slimmer of the Year 2018 award from Hill's pet food! Amazing!

Here's what Nicki had to say:

"I first met little (or not so little) 8 year old ‘Aji’ in February this year. As I opened the consult room door, I came face to face with an extremely rotund, hairy little dog. His coat was of poor quality and he had severe trouble breathing. When I invited Aji and his family into the consult room I could immediately see that he difficulty mobilising himself. Aji's owner explained that she was worried about Aji’s health and I could see that she really wanted to change Aji’s lifestyle. His owner and family had plans to move back to Korea later in the year and were concerned that Aji’s health would deteriorate should he remain obese and be unfit to travel.

Aji's family includes two young children. Both owner and I wanted to ensure all that family members were on-board with Aji’s weight loss plan. Following my protocol, I conducted the Hill's questionnaire and used the quick recommendation tool with the family. I worked our Aji’s nutritional requirements and took his overall measurements. I placed him on to the metabolic diet and planned his diet out for the client each step of the way.

I saw Aji every 2-3 weeks to discuss his progress, discuss exercise, answer any questions and take his measurements. Aji’s weight loss was safe and consistent throughout. His owners have found it tough restricting his diet and denying him his usual treats. However, they remained strict, increased his exercise slowly and safely and watched their little dog transform.

During the past 8 months I have watched Aji become a more comfortable, happier and more active little dog! He can breathe easier and even run across the park for a tennis ball! I’am delighted to say that Aji has met his target weight and will be travelling with his family to Korea this month!

Aji lost a whopping 44% of his total body weight, equating to 4.7kgs!

Aji and I won the Hill's canine super slimmer of the year 2018 award with this massive achievement!

Moments like these, make me incredibly proud to be a veterinary nurse and I hope that Aji enjoys his new life in Korea as new, slimmer Yorkie."

If you are worried that your pet is overweight, ask us about our weight clinics.