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CBeebies came to film us recently at Vet4life Surbiton! Rory from Ferne and Rory’s Vet Tales came to meet one of our owners and their superstar dog Otto and bring them in to meet our vet Lily! Otto belongs to the great charity Broken Biscuits who help disabled dogs get the help and homes they deserve. Otto is a dog who injured both of his back legs in an accident a few years ago and gets around easily with a wheelchair.

Lily spent the day filming with the CBeebies team and said, “it was so much fun being filmed for the day and all of the CBeebies team were so lovely. They got to watch us kitting Otto out with his new wheelchair and also watched us seeing some of our other patients. Otto and his owner (also called Lily!) were stars and it was such a fun day filming all together.”

Catch up on the episode here and watch out vet Lily at work!