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Rocco's story

Recently Rocco came in for a day procedure. He had been having trouble with his eyes. As cats get a little older, they can lose some elasticity in their eyelids, resulting in an entropion. Entropion is when the eyelids start to roll inwards resulting in the eyelashes scratching the cornea (the surface of the eye). In Rocco's case, his beautiful long eyelashes scratched his cornea so much that it resulted in a very painful ulcer. He was struggling to open his eye.

Luckily, we can save this!! We performed a surgery. Think orange county, think eyelift. We have our very own Dr Terry Dubrow here at Vet4life. Rocco had a bilateral resection of both his upper and lower eyelids, sort of like an eyelift in humans. Have a look at his before and after pictures!

Before surgery:

During surgery:

After surgery:

Rocco's mum reports that he not only looks ten years younger, but he feels it too.