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Vets Lily Raeyen and Kirsty Hart prepare for the event.

With a season of celebration, parties and fireworks ahead of us, a leading Surrey vets is holding an evening of invaluable advice for pet owners.

This time of the year can be an extremely anxious one for pets with fireworks going off and loud celebrations taking place, and Christmas also sees a spike in the dangers pets face in the home.

Vet4Life, in Surbiton, will be holding a free evening of advice on Tuesday, November 26, with information about management plans for anxious pets during the fireworks season.

Staff will also be discussing poisons and hazards and how to protect pets this Christmas.

The event, which is being organised by vets Lily Raeyen and Kirsty Hart, is open to clients and non-clients.

Vet4Life clinical director Vanessa Waite said: “This can be a frightening time of year for pets, with strange loud bangs and noisy celebrations. Our event will involve a lot of great advice for owners on different ways to help them cope with their pet’s anxiety.

“We will also be pointing out many of the poisoning dangers which exist around Christmas time for pets. Raisins and sultanas, which are found in Christmas puddings and mince pies, are toxic to dogs, as is chocolate which we often have around us in abundance at Christmas.

“Then there’s also the risk of them getting hold of alcohol, eating hazardous plants such as poinsettia, holly and ivy, or swallowing wrapping paper or tinsel.

“This is a wonderful time of the year but it’s also one where we have to keep a really close eye on our pets so they get to enjoy the season too.

“We look forward to welcoming people to our event, which will be interesting and informative, and will also feature drinks and nibbles to welcome people.”