From 6th April 2016 all dogs are required – by law – to be microchipped, and the chip needs to be linked to the owner’s most current contact information to be compliant.

It is possible to inject a tiny microchip (size of a grain of rice) into the scruff of your pets’s neck. This can be done at any age but we often recommend it is given at the second vaccination.

If your pet goes missing and is taken to a veterinary surgery, police station, or re-homing centre, staff will scan the pet and read the unique microchip code. This identifies your pet on a central database so that you can be contacted and your pet returned.

You can also buy a cat flap or feeding bowl that responds to your cat’s microchip to stop unwanted visitors from entering your house.

At Vet4life, in keeping with doing the very best for your pets, we use the smallest possible microchips to ensure when implanted they are as comfortable as possible.

Contact us to book your dog or cat in for their microchip.

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