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'Orphan season' is usually from March until August each year. This is when there are a high number of wildlife young born such as baby hedgehogs, fox cubs, badger cubs, fawn and lots of baby birds. Each animal has a variety of ways they help their babies grow up and leave their home, venturing into the big wide world. Baby animals may seem as if they have been abandoned, even though their parents are often very close by. Although it is tempting to assist these babies in acts of kindness, we recommend leaving them where they are and contacting your local wildlife rescue centre for advice. Wildlife Aid in Leatherhead is nearest to us (their number is 09061 800132).

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Is your pet up to date with their vaccinations? Vaccinations are unquestionably the greatest advance in the health of pets (and humans) in all of medical history. They have done more to prevent disease and improve well-being than even antibiotics or surgery.

Vaccination involves an initial course and then a booster every year. It is the best way to protect your pet against a whole range of distressing and possibly fatal diseases. The vet will always perform a clinical examination before vaccination so your pet's health is also checked each year. Read more

Big Bear Winner - Reggie

Reggie is an 11 year old Westie. He came to see us in October last year as he had been coughing for a while and it had been getting worse. Several tests were done in the clinic to work out what the cause was, and unfortunately chest x-rays showed he had a tumour in his lung. Read Reggie's story

Wildlife advice

Read our blog for more specific advice on what to do if you find a baby bird, fox, deer, amphibian or a bat!

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We're pleased to offer Simparica available for Family clients. Simparica is an monthly oral tablet for treating and preventing fleas, ticks and mites. Key strengths include a much faster speed of kill for fleas and ticks, and mite cover including fox mange, ear mites and demodex. Read more